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GHS TouchDown Club Meeting Minutes

January, 2018

7:05 pm – 8:30 pm

GHS, room D110


Paula Downer, Paula Eldridge, Amy Bradley, Karen Chiaia, Barb Tartagni, Anthony Avallone, Mark Chapman


Agenda item:

Coaching update/Coach’s Corner


Anthony Avallone

Discussion: Asking for TDC to sponsor a second coaching position ($4,252); considering someone to come onboard in a different capacity.  Candidate is going through the interview process at this time.   

No Spring football program  

Coach’s Corner:  Attendance at the workout sessions is getting better; the trainer (Ciro Longobardi) is committed to coming twice per week.  TDC owes trainer for two sessions, $300 and we’ve committed to him through January.


Agenda item:

Treasurers Report



Amy Bradley


Savings Account

 $        1,020.43

Checking Account

 $      10,763.65






Agenda item:

Outstanding/New Business





Outstanding Business:  None

New Business:            Hudl package $1400 (plus Hudl Assist/$1000)

                                    Yale Camp     $4800 ($200/family)

                                    Hand Camp   $1760  ($ 75/family)

                                    Lineman Challenge – nothing lined up yet

                                    Fundraising opportunities: establish 2 car wash dates, summer picnic

                                    Pasta dinners: 4 home games, each sponsored by freshmen, sophomore, juniors, seniors

                                    Ad book: need one rep from each class

                                    Buy-out options: online store, payment plan

                                    Fundraising: neck ties w/new logo, flip-flops, design a new t-shirt

            12/06/18 Banquet at Woodwinds, $500 deposit


December Meeting Minutes: Approved


Next meeting:                   February 13, 2018