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Family Dinner Nov 25th, Bonfire Nov 25th, Team Breakfast Nov 26th, Rival Game 7 PM at Hand, Due to circumstances"Back to the 80s Party" is postponed to January 10th
Family Dinner


Touchdown Club will be sponsoring Annual Family Dinner for our Football Players, Coaches, and Immediate Family Members on 25th November at 6:30 PM in GHS Cafeteria. No charge to anyone!! All Players are asked to bring a $10 wrapped raffle item to be raffled off. 


No one will be able to access the cafeteria from the back of the building.  Please be sure to walk through the school to get to the cafeteria.

by TD Club posted 11/21/2014


Immediately following the Family Dinner, there will

be a Bonfire for all Football Players @ Fireman's

Field on Long Hill Road.

This is for players and their coaches only.


Legend has it, Ossie Solem, the head football coach at Springfield College in 1946, gathered his players after the final practice of the season and lit a football cleat on fire. He believed it would erase any ill will among teammates so they could play the last game clear of mind and without any regrets.

Through the years, the stories and motivation for ‘the burning shoe’ has changed for high school and college teams around the country. The day before their Thanksgiving game, the seniors gather in a circle for their ritual which symbolizes the transition of the seniors out of the football program. They burn a pair of shoes or cleats,  ensuring they can never be filled again.

by TD Club posted 11/21/2014
Team Breakfast

Team Breakfast


Team Breakfast will be Wednesday, November 26 @ VFW Hall from 10 am to Noon. Players and coaches only, no charge.

by TD Club posted 11/21/2014
Last Minute Apparel

We have opened the store for everyone that would like to make last minute purchases before the holidays. The store will close on Monday Dec 2.

Orders will be processed as soon as possible after the closing date. Use link bellow to enter the store:

                    Password: indians (all small letters)



by posted 11/21/2014
Annual Banquet


Annual Banquet will be held Wednesday, December 10th, 6:30 PM -9:30 PM @ Woodwinds in Branford.  Banquet for all of our GHS Football Players and Families.  Players are free, and $35 per person for family members. Please fill out the forms and deliver with payment to your Class Rep if you are planing to attend. Thank you. 


Form Download




by TD Club posted 11/18/2014
80's Party Date Change!!!!

Dear Football Families
Due to circumstances that are out of GHS football program's & coach's control ,our Varsity game on Friday night has been changed to Saturday night, November 8th at 6 pm.
With that being said, we had to reschedule the Adult Fundraiser,
"Bringing Back the 80's" 
to Saturday, January 10th,
Same place...Same time!!
We hope that all the families and friends who have committed to attend this event will still be able to make it and apologize for any inconvenience.
Hope to see you all after the busy Holiday season for some fun!!!
Should you have any questions please contact Michele at
Thank you for your understanding. 

by posted 11/05/2014
80s Dance Party




Date: January 10th, 7:30PM

Venue: Anthony’s of Guilford

$ 35/pp

Featuring “DJ Pichi”

Raffles, Games, Dancing, Wall of Wine / Beer

Great Food, Fun & More…….


*Please see your Team Rep. who will provide each family with 2 tickets for purchase.*

Payment methods for event:

  1. Pay Pal available on our website at
  2. Make a check out to Touchdown Club and Mail payment directly to Michele Robertino ~ 8 Spencer Ave ~ Guilford, Ct
  3. Hand deliver to either Michele Robertino or Stephanie Moscato after practice.

*Please contact Michele at with any questions*

(Deadline for Ticket Purchase is January 5th.)

by TD Club posted 10/27/2014
Oval Car Magnet

Oval Car Magnets are now available for purchase in our online store. Show your pride in your sons team by displaying it on your car. 

by posted 10/26/2014
Driveway G

Please Support

Guilford High School Football, Football, Goal, Field

Give Me A Driveway

Driveway G! - $25

Add Player's Number - $10 Extra


If interested in this Fundraiser, please send check or cash to Stephanie Moscato at 

9 Katie Lane, Guilford, Ct 06437 or you may go to our online store and place an order there.

Please Include on your order:  Name, Address, email contact, phone# and player # if applicable.

(G Painting is done August thru early October-weather permitting)

**Once your order and payment have been received you will be scheduled for “G” application!!

Contact   with any questions.


by TD Club posted 09/09/2014
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