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Please fill out Camp Forms and deliver them to Coach by 01 May. Forms are located under Camp Tab. Touchdown Club Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 at the Community Center--- Please join us and support our boys!!!!........
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 scholarship appl.pdf


The Guilford Sideliners Scholarship is available to any Guilford High School student in grades 9, l0 and 11 of the current school year.  The scholarship must be used to attend summer athletic camps or other instructional programs. It can not be used to defray fees associated with participation on non GHS teams i.e. AAU, Select teams etc.


  1. Submit an essay of 300-500 words to include:
    1. What camp or program the student wishes to attend.
    2. What goals the student has for future participation in the sport.
    3. An explanation of why this program will assist in achieving these goals.
    4. Why the selection committee should grant the scholarship.
  2. The student must submit a copy of the camp brochure or similar information. This must include the cost, date and location.


Application must be submitted to the Athletic Director by Friday, May 16th.

Scholarship Amounts:

Scholarship Amounts will be determined by the selection committee and will range from $50.00 to $200.00.


A selection committee consisting of three Guilford Sideliners members will make the final scholarship selections and determine the amounts to be granted.

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Yale Football Camp
by TD Club posted 04/13/2014

Yale Team Camp June 23 - June 26

All players that are able to participate in this year team camp, please see Coach Unger for registration forms, or go to the Yale Camp Tab and print them. Return all forms to Coach Unger by 01 May. The cost of the camp is 200 dollars per player. Please make the payment to Yale Football Camp and attach it to players forms. Hope all players can make it.

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Spring Football
by TD Club posted 02/19/2014

Spring Football is coming, more dates to follow.

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Yale Camp
by TD Club posted 02/19/2014
2014 High School Team Camp
Coach Unger is planning on attending a 4-day football camp with the Team at Yale University's football complex. This would be a great pre-season, skill developing, and team building experience for the boys.  (See Yale Camp Tab for more information). 

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Lineman Challenge
by TD Club posted 02/19/2014

Lineman Challenge
Jul 26, 2014

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GHS Football in Action
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